Welcome to Audio Synthesis - Dedicated to the Joys of Listening

Audio Synthesis are a small team of British Engineers working to produce leading edge audio equipment destined for use by the most discerning audiophiles throughout the world.

From the legendary DAX range of D/A converters to the revolutionary PASSION series of Vishay Bulk-Foil passive attenuators, all Audio Synthesis products combine minimalist designs with quality execution to re-define the State of the art in Sound Reproduction.

At Audio Synthesis our design philosophy introduces a number of common threads which are largely responsible for the final sound, these include:

Combining designs to produce a coherent, live musical experience

Using only the most technically advanced components with proven audiophile qualities

Always keeping the most direct audio path so as to achieve the closest approach to the original music

Taking advantage of state-of-the-art audio test equipment

Giving top priority to the results of carefully engineered listening tests performed with the best ancillary components in a totally minimalist system.

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